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2 cats 22/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon


130 Cottage St.
Bar Harbor, ME

Located at the head of Cottage Street, 2 cats Restaurant & Inn is a cozy establishment with the feel of a home, or for that matter an Inn. At first look it might seem a little pretentious with Martha Stewart inspired décor, a thoroughly organic paint job, and pricey photographs by local artists littering the walls. However, the people at 2 cats are not afraid to shed their skin and rock out on occasion, as you might be greeted by the “Jackson Five” pumping out over the hi-fi system, or walk home wearing a tie-dyed 2 cats T—the latter perhaps influenced by the proximity of hippies at the College of the Atlantic down the street.

Most importantly the Benny is good and you have choices: the Veggie (with spinach and roasted red peppers), the Special (with smoked salmon and red onion), or the traditional style. If you’re like me though, the variety of Benedicts doesn't have much effect on your order, for if you needed an alternative to Canadian bacon you would eat pancakes.

As far as Hollandaise goes, 2 cats can compete—although they stiff you a little in quantity and are perhaps a little bit overzealous with the lemon juice, generally I prefer a hint of flavor, not a coating of Mr. Clean.

The poached eggs are light and fluffy, come to the table hot and are generally good. If anything is lacking it’s the yolks, which are a bit hard and do not flow like a pro should.

The Canadian bacon is good. Nice texture, not too salted, perfectly fitted to the homemade biscuit, but then again how hard is it to screw up processed pig.

The biscuit is made fresh daily in the restaurant, and is light and soft; a good partner to cholesterol loaders, the biscuit definitely puts a spin on the traditional mix, though some people might find it too dry.

Alongside your eggs comes an ample helping of spicy home fries; they are adequate and add to the experience but they tend to be a little soggy and could use a little more kick.

If you call one twisted lemon a garnish, then I guess 2 cats has what you're looking for, but for me it is a weak attempt.

If you're willing to part with $4.00 you can get yourself some fresh squeezed OJ to wash the Benny down, its good, but I'm not sure its that good. Or, try the coffee. It’s so organic and politically correct that it needs a full paragraph of explanation on the back of the menu. The family collectives in Equador will thank you.

Submitted by MPC
June 1, 2002


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