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92 23/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffin
Hash Browns


1295 Madison Ave
(at 92nd St)
New York, NY

92 is the new cool spot at 92nd and Madison. Spacious glass windows, big red awnings, a large open space, and many disorganized North African waiters accurately convey the impression of a busy, touristy bistro in Paris. They will do anything you ask so long as you ask twice. A $15 price tag and a nice venue created high expectations, especially since restaurants tend to serve their best food right after they open.

The eggs were somehow delicious, unusual for providing taste as well as texture to the meal, and had they not been overdone they might have earned a perfect score. The English muffins were perfect, being wide and thin, toasted but not crispy, and, again, very tasty, I suspect because they were buttered relieving the Hollandaise from doing all the work. The Hollandaise sauce was just slightly congealed, lacked taste, and was too thin. The bowl of extra Hollandaise that was brought upon the second request did little to alleviate the problem. Below the eggs were a few subtle strands of spinach adding an interesting, pleasant flavor and texture.

On the side was a wedge of hash-browns which was slightly overcooked, but held up well anyway. The bloody Mary was a disappointment. All in all a decent affair.

Submitted by DO Jr.
November 11, 2001


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