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Beach Cafe 20/37

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Poached Egg
English Muffin


1326 Second Ave
(at 68th Street)
New York, NY

The menu was the best thing at the Beach Cafe, being a large thick sheet of paper with beautiful script written on one side only. Unfortunately, the style of the chef did not match that of the calligrapher.

The atmosphere was friendly, and the waiters were polite and unhurried allowing time to enjoy the delicious bread basket, and an uneven bloody Mary. When the meal did arrive, it was clear that the hollandaise would be the star of the show. The texture was visibly perfect with a generous portion, and the taste was quite good. In addition, the daring of putting the presentation in a dish demands respect, for if the liquids do not have the precise viscosity, a soggy mess ensues. Alas, in this case, that is exactly what happened. The undercooked yolk flooded the dish and, after being partially absorbed by the undercooked English muffins, turned the entire meal into a gooey mess. Worse, the beautiful consistency of the Hollandaise was ruined.

All of the elements were present, and since Hollandaise is the hardest aspect to get right, some subtle changes could make this meal a real star. But don’t bet on it.

Submitted by DO Jr.
February 3, 2002


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