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Blue Ribbon Bakery 12/37

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Poached Eggs


33 Downing St
New York, NY

There were a few good bites in this complicated, over-layered presentation, but not enough of them.

The Bakery’s offering is called the "Blue Benedict," and it sounds delicious: Serrano ham, Jarlsberg, and tomato on toasted challah.

And, the challa toast that serves in place of the muffin is probably excellent toast, but it has no business anywhere near an eggs Benedict. Thick and very dry, the toast flakes off and dries your mouth as you eat it.

The eggs were very overdone, and two slices of anemic tomato between the ham and the toast did little to add moisture. All in all, the driest eggs Benedict I’ve ever had. There were no side dishes.

On the plus side, the waiters were extremely friendly, and they were especially good at adding more hot water to my tea—rare in NYC. If you do find yourself at Blue Ribbon Bakery, have the excellent challah french toast instead.

Submitted by JHC
February 18, 2001


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