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Brasserie 14/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffins


100 E 53rd St
(between Park & Lexington)
New York, NY

Brasserie has been a New York institution since the ’50s. Or rather, it was an institution. Since its funky redesign and reopening a few years ago it has never been the same, and the old-school New Yorkers are really upset about it.

It could have just been a bad day, but as I recall (and I just called a co-bruncher to refresh my memory), the eggs were vastly underdone and liquidly to the point where the white was not even completely cooked. This soggy mass oozed into the under-toasted english muffin which soaked it up like a sponge making a gooey mass. I have no recollection what the Canadian bacon was like, meaning it was unmemorable.

But, there was a very nice potatoey—what’s it called—cresent cake-like thing you know, with onions, etc. It has a name but I can’t think of it.

Unfortunately, I have only a vaguely disappointed recollection of the Hollandaise, and I have no intension of heading back there to jog my memory.

The bread and bloody maries remain well above average, but the quality of clientelle suggests there may be some deal with a local hotel or two, or a tour-guide company. Bring your ear-plugs.

Submitted by DO Jr.
May 27, 2001


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