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Bubby’s 18/37

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Poached Eggs
English Muffin


120 Hudson St
New York, NY

Ahh, Bubby’s. Where else can you see Keitel having Sunday brunch with DeNiro in flip-flops? And, where else can you get such friendly but glacial service?

One theory here at is that the speed of service at Bubby’s is inversely proportional to the number of gangster movies you’ve appeared in—which might explain why the likes of our contributors have had such bad luck.

On MBH’s most recent trip to Bubby’s, the eggs Florentine with salmon didn’t arrive for 45 minutes, and had been sitting in the back for so long that they were delivered to the table cold. The manager did replace the food completely and comp a round of pint-sized Bloody Marys, but that sort of delay should be unacceptable.

Also unacceptable were the potatoes. The kitchen staff was clearly scraping the bottom of something late in the shift to put together such a blackened, mushy, and overcooked pile of potatoes.

The poached eggs were fresh and so round that they almost rolled off the plate, and the Hollandaise was good (though there wasn’t enough of it).

Submitted by MBH & JHC
May 26, 2001


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