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Cafe’ LULUc 24/37

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Poached Eggs
English Muffin


214 Smith Street
(between Baltic and Butler)
Brooklyn, New York

Cafe’ LULUc, with its apostrophic accent aigu and interesting capitalization, is a new French-Spanish bistro from the owners of Banania Café, just down the street.

The tables are red, the music an upbeat 70s riff, the service smooth, and prices very reasonable, despite technical difficulties in the kitchen—a man two tables away sent back his omelette because of an unexpected ingredient: a cricket.

(This underscores a previously unappreciated advantage of eggs Benedict: nowhere for Acheta domesticus to hide.)

LULUc is cash or checks only, as the menu points out: “ATM is directly across the street in the gormet [sic] deli.”

The homemade English muffin was pancake-thin, interesting but really too crispy to soak up the egg. The Hollandaise was light and flavorful but much too salty. The frites were very good.

Also on the menu: eggs Florentine. According to locals, “the pancakes are to die for.”

Submitted by JHC
January 5, 2001


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