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Café Mona Lisa 15/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffin


282 Bleecker St
(at Houston St)
New York, NY

On a bright sunny day at 11:00 am, The Masked Critic made an appearance at Café Mona Lisa in his own particular ski-masked ... what’s that word? Ahh, yes, “idiom.”

It turns out that the Café was lit like a bordello—it was so completely dark inside that fellow patrons performing strange acts with whips over brunch wouldn’t have seemed unusual. Sure, the waitstaff was dressed in white aprons, but the fake candle thingies on the tables didn’t do much to light the place up.

As for the food, well, the potatoes were of hybrid form, somewhere between french fries and roasted potatoes. There were only three of them, so it was a little hard to tell what was going on. The numbers tell the rest of the story.

Farewell, sweet Concord ... The Masked Critic rides on!

Submitted by The Masked Critic
March 30, 2001


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