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Clinton Street Baking Co. 21/37

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Poached Eggs


2 Clinton St
(at Houston St)
New York, NY

I first heard about Clinton Street Baking Co. when a visitor emailed in a review (see below) with an unprecedented score of 36 — one point shy of the Holy Grail of eggs Benedicts.

Skeptical but interested, I walked over to Clinton Street the next morning: the results were good, but nowhere near perfection.

With “In the Jailhouse Now” playing behind me, I dug in: the ample Hollandaise was quite good, as were the nicely poached eggs. But, the ham was too watery, and the doughy biscuit was unable to absorb the eggs and Hollandaise.

Even a pint of their delicious OJ couldn’t wash away the chalky biscuit aftertaste—no Holy Grail here.

Submitted by JHC
May 11, 2002

Visitor Comments

People line up for homemade biscuit sandwiches, juevos rancheros, fritattas, sublime salads, and other delish stuff. The touches like homemade tomato jam and crisp potato pancakes and the most delicous benedict keep it the homerun of downtown....

Hollandaise: 7 (it's classically made from quality—you can tell—fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper—no tobasco here).
Poached Eggs: 7 (cooked to order in a bit of salted and vinegared water).
Ham: 7 (grilled country ham on a charcoal grill).
Biscuit: 7+ (buttermilk, flaky, original recipe. lip-smack—don't need butter for this baby).
Potatoes: 7 (not on the dish but best hash browns in the city—double cooked, peeled and pressed thru a grate and pan-fried with lots of butter. crispy and seasoned).

Submitted by DHL
May 10, 2002


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