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Félix 16/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffin


340 West Broadway
(at Grand St)
New York, NY

The eggs Benedict at Félix were an unbalanced presentation, like the loud bumping music that filled the restaurant and set the tone, but that nobody (including our stressed-out waitress) really seemed to enjoy.

The poached eggs were hot and nicely runny, but the canadian bacon was thin and watery, and the slices were tiled across the two muffins so that they couldn’t be separated cleanly. The Hollandaise was watery and lacked lemon, and the curiously-sweet muffins were soft and mushy with burnt tops. The fries were chunky and overdone.

In general it was a scattered dish—each part ignored the other parts. The only inspired touch in the brunch was the delicious garlic vinaigrette that covered the mixed greens.

Submitted by MBH & JHC
April 7, 2001


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