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Flo’s 19/37

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Poached Eggs
Grilled Turkey
Brioche Toast


1434 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, Illinois

I live in Bucktown (an artsy neighborhood in Chicago), and noticed that didn’t have any reviews for eggs Benedict in Chicago. Since that happens to be my favorite breakfast item and I have a favorite place that I go to specifically for this dish, I felt compelled to submit a review.

The place is called Flo’s and I believe it’s technically in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago. The dish is called Eggs Flo and it is fabulous!

It’s not traditional eggs Benedict, but I think it’s almost better than the traditional. The plate is covered with fresh raw spinach leaves. Two thick slices of brioche toast are placed on the spinach and are topped with two thick slices of grilled turkey. Then two poached eggs. A slightly lemony hollandaise sauce is drizzled over the whole thing and then a sprinkling of asiago cheese. There’s some green stuff in the hollandaise, but I’m not sure what it is. Some kind of herb, I think. This morning I had it and the sauce was a tiny bit runny, but it was still the best tasting thing I’ve had in a while.

What makes this dish so great is the grilled turkey and fresh spinach. I’d say that all readers have to go to Chicago to try it, but then the thought of having to wait longer to get a table so I can eat my delicious Eggs Flo makes me want to say, “Stay away!” instead. It’s that good.

Not sure if this will get posted as a review, but I had to let you New Yorkers know about a great place for eggs Benedict in Chicago in case you were visiting and needed your eggs Benedict fix.

Submitted by KLQ
July 29, 2001


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