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Grandpa Allen’s 28/37

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Grandpa Allen’s Restaurant and Pie Shop
940 San Marcos Blvd, Ste K
San Marcos, CA 92069

It was a lazy Sunday morning. My husband and I went to my favorite place for breakfast. Normally, I would say that San Marcos isn’t the best place for getting a quality meal, but the eggs benedict at Grandpa Allen’s is the exception.

The restaurant is a favorite of grandparents. A very friendly atmosphere, family-owned. The coffee is free-flowing.

The eggs Benedict came and it was wonderful.

The hollandaise sauce was perfect. They must have a great recipe, because I've never had any that comes close to theirs. Not too lemony, the sauce was just right. They put just the right amount, I had enough sauce to last me to the last bite.

The egg was perfect. The yolk perfectly blended with the hollandaise.

Instead of Canadian bacon, they used ham. They were very genorous with their portions.

Submitted by JD
November 27, 2005


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