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Hilary’s Urban Eatery 22/37

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Poached Eggs
Buttermilk Biscuit


1500 W Division St
Chicago, Illinois

There’s something special about Hilary’s.

It might be the manifesto excerpts scattered about the place: “lux mentis lux orbis,” “leave negativity out side,” and “just a reminder, in America, we tip we also enjoy ourselves and get along with each others.”

Or, maybe it was the magic electrified table.

Either way, it’s hard not to appreciate jelly beans on every table (“use a spoon!”), eggs with a side of sliced apples, and mason-jar mimosas made with the finest neighborhood champagne (BYOB—a bottle of Cook’s can be procured for just $4.99 at a store down the street).

But, at least one reviewer had some doubts about the thick buttermilk biscuit, and the resulting buttermilk-egg glob: “I doubt I produce enough saliva to fully enjoy this.”

Still, Hilary’s eggs Benedict are well worth the trip. Next time the waiter asks us “You ready for another round—this time with salmon?” we’ll say “Bring it on.”

Submitted by EAH, SGR & JHC
October 20, 2001


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