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Hotel d’Angleterre 22/37

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Fried Egg
Roast Beef
English Muffin


Kongens Nytorv 34
Copenhagen, Denmark
33 12 00 95

I’m not sure how Copenhagen’s only five-star hotel gets away without serving eggs Benedict, but the Restaurant Wiinblad at the Hotel d’Angleterre does just that.

The closest thing on the menu was the Biskemad d’Angleterre med rødbeder, spejlæg og sauce bearnaise, roast beef hash d’Angleterre with beetroot, fried egg and Béarnaise sauce. I tried to order a mimosa, too, but the waiter had never heard of such a thing, so I downgraded to orange juice.

The pieces of roast beef were mixed with diced potatoes and grilled onion—a rich and nicely salted hash. The egg was slightly over-fried, but the Béarnaise was delicious, with a surprisingly complex lemon flavor.

The presentation was elaborate: 3 types of sugar, 6 types of sauces, 19 pieces of porcelain. The Bérnaise arrived in a copper saucepan.

The restaurant was elaborate, too: blue-on-blue with porcelain and glass, dominated by the block-long bay of windows overlooking Kongens Nytorv, the large but awkward 17th-century square on the western end of the Strøget promenade.

Unfortunately, I accidentally crushed my only brunch companion—a tiny mite-sized red spider trekking across the tablecloth. You can almost make him out in the photo as a tiny dot between the salt shaker and tea strainer.

Submitted by JHC
July 7, 2001


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