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Jardin Bistro 27/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffin


25 Cleveland Place
New York, NY

Pull up a plastic lawn chair next to Rue Rude and avoid bumping any of the dozens of ceramic and metal frogs that litter the place. The outdoor garden that gives the restaurant its name is best in late spring and summer when the overhead vines have grown. Any earlier, and you’ll need sunglasses.

The ample amount of hollandaise is mild, lightly tart to the point of sweetness—one reviewer’s “best hollandaise so far.”

The roasted rosemary potatoes are usually cut too thick and drowning in oil, but occasionally they can be quite good.

If you’re very hungry, try the delicious pâté for starters.

Submitted by MBH & JHC
April 18, 1999


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