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Johnny’s Main Event 22/37

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1130 N. Main St.
Austin, MN

Just across the street from the famed SPAM museum in downtown Austin sits Johnny’s Main Event Restaurant, proclaiming its “SPAMarama Menu.”

Having just left the museum (which is a whole lot of fun and is highly recommended) and craving a taste of SPAM (not too much to be found at the museum), we headed in looking for SPAM cheeseburgers. A quick look at the menu made us change our minds ... SPAM Eggs Benedict. How could we pass this up? Well, in just under 5 minutes we were able to take our first taste of this regional variant.

A first glance at my plate made me crave the cheeseburger as the hollandaise sauce was more than generously drowning the rest of the plate and the accompanying hash browns were greasy and didn’t look very appetizing ... they went untouched for the duration of the meal. I was hungry and decided to press on and for good reason it turns out. The SPAM addition made for a delicious breakfast. Never having had SPAM before this moment, I was pleasantly surprized and would gladly welcome another SPAM eggs Benedict any time. The eggs were well-drained and the muffin was toasty and moist (not too moist however, which was impressive given the amount of Hollandaise sauce) which complemented “the spiced pork and ham” ham alternative.

Overall, it was a great breakfast stop for two weary travellers. Brunchers who are not able to find this eggs Benedict variant in their local restaurants may want to attempt this variation in the comfort of their own home. Good luck and enjoy.

Submitted by ARC
July 2004


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