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l’Orange Bleue 15/37

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Poached Eggs
Crab cake
English Muffin
French Fries


430 Broome St
(at Crosby Street)
New York, NY

l’Orange Bleue serves brunch only four hours a week, Sundays from noon to 4:00. When they do serve brunch, it’s prix fixe and cash-only, including a mimosa or sangria.

There is no eggs Benedict on the menu, but there is an Oeufs poches Maryland described as “Two poched [sic] eggs on crab cakes, Old Bay spiced hollandaise, mesclun salad, french fries.”

The plate was off-balance: lots of salad, a huge pile of fries, and two tiny little eggs sitting on crab cakes. The Hollandaise was darker than usual, and had been whipped into a strange foam-like consistency.

The omelettes were quite good.

Submitted by JHC & SGR
August 5, 2001


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