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Lucky Platter 20/37

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Poached Eggs
Honey Ham
Corn Bread


514 Main St
Evanston, Illinois

For those of you outside the city limits of Chicago, there are still great eggs Benedict variations to be had. Try Lucky Platter for a twist on a favorite—they bill themselves as “serving and catering funkalicious post-Hippy eclectic world cuisine.”

It starts with two slices of toasted corn bread, then a thick slice of honey ham, cooked spinach, fresh tomato slices, two poached eggs, and of course, Hollandaise. It’s by far the messiest eggs Benedict I’ve had due to the corn bread crumbling more and more with each bite as the juices break the corn bread apart. By the way, it’s called the Benedict Platter, not to be confused with another so-called eggs Benedict on the menu that’s made with (eeeee.....) tofu. But, if you’re vegan, now you too can have your eggs Bene.

I highly recommend this place. It’s quite tasty. A great new twist. Might actually cause me to leave the city for it.

Submitted by KLQ
April 13, 2002


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