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Luke’s Bar and Grill 18/37

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Poached Eggs
Deli Ham
English Muffin


1394 Third Ave.
(at 79th St)
New York, NY

Luke’s Bar and Grill is a no-frills neighborhood spot that is reasonably priced for middle-of-the-road fare. For most brunch dishes you could do worse on the Upper East Side. However, for anything requiring any skill (such as eggs Benedict), you’ll have better luck elsewhere.

At first it doesn’t seem that bad: The eggs are done very well (whites set, with yolks runny) and are definitely the highlight of the experience. The English muffin is fine and toasted properly. The Hollandaise is heavy, and the lemon tinge is non-existent. However, the sauce does have a good consistency and is very flavorful (most probably from a few extra tablespoons of butter—which, in the opinion of this reviewer, never hurts).

Unfortunately, after your first bite, the meal takes a turn for the worse. A second bite reveals that standard deli-ham is used, rather than Canadian bacon. This unwelcome surprise plus the side of soggy fries, nixes this place as an eggs Bene destination.

Submitted by LL
February 18, 2002


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