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McDonald’s 12/37

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Breakfast sauce
Canadian style bacon
Hash browns


262 Canal Street
New York, NY  

There it was, no number, no fanfare, no supersize option, just a photo and a price on the wall: the Eggs Benedict McMuffin® Meal, $3.09 with coffee and hash browns.

The original Egg McMuffin was developed in 1971 by franchisee Herb Peterson as a modified version of eggs Benedict, with a slice of American cheese instead of Hollandaise. Now, 30 years later, McDonald’s has released the real thing.

Well, not quite. Technically, the Eggs Benedict McMuffin is just a normal Egg McMuffin with an inverted stack order (Canadian style bacon under the egg slab, not on top). The only addition is the “special breakfast sauce,” which looks like a thin and slightly greenish mayonnaise, has little discernable taste (lemon?), and whose ingredients remain a mystery.

Herb Peterson, developer of the Egg McMuffin

The muffin was chewy and undertoasted, and the round egg slabs developed by Peterson (photo at left) are overcooked by company policy, with no hint of a liquid yolk. The Canadian style bacon is actually fairly good, but there’s not enough of it—two slices would be an improvement.

Rounding out the McMeal was the extruded oval hash brown: oily but tasty. I splurged and ordered orange juice instead of coffee.

Submitted by JHC
August 22, 2001

(Photo of Herb Peterson courtesy of McDonald’s Media Site)


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