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Novecento 19/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffin
French Fries


343 West Broadway
(North of Grand St)
New York, NY

Novecento serves weekend brunch until 5 pm, which is considerably more understanding than the industry-standard 3 or 4 pm.

And, the nice thing about having a late brunch is that everyone else is already eating dinner. Fellow patrons working on imported Argentine steaks twice the size of their lap dogs make a big brunch seem like a light meal.

Unfortunately, the huevos benedict are small—about 3/4 scale. The english muffin was tiny, and the canadian bacon had been trimmed into strange octagonal shapes to fit.

The dropped eggs were poached in a round teardrop shape, white with no yolk visible. One of the eggs was so round that it had actually rolled off of the muffin when the dish arrived, but once I got it back on top the yolk literally popped out of the egg when pressed.

The Hollandaise was smooth, but had almost no flavor. An erratic spoonful of chopped chives, a generous amount of fries, and a token patch of mixed greens rounded out the dish.

Submitted by JHC
April 21, 2001


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