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One C.P.S. 23/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffin


1 Central Park South
(in the Park Plaza Hotel)
New York, NY

The “Red Rooster Brunch” at One C.P.S. is evidenced by the painted rooster plates and candelabra of hard-boiled eggs on each table.

Our waiter clearly didn’t approve of the theme: “Let me get these god-awful plates out of your way ... and these eggs!”

The eggs Benedict were impressive: a light and airy Hollandaise with a garnish of crisp sweet red pepper slices over good eggs. The Canadian bacon might just have been perfect—one large round slice folded twice into a triangle. The muffin was small and strangely toasted: one underdone, one almost blackened.

There were no potatoes, though the salad and pyramid-shaped rolls helped ease the pain.

All in all, a very good brunch, and so much better than the loud weekend buffet just outside in the Park Plaza lobby.

Submitted by AAM & JHC
December 2, 2001


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