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Sarabeth’s 11/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Ham


423 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY

A thick, untoasted muffin dominates the presentation—mushy and uncooked in the middle, gritty with cornmeal on the outside.

Watery slices of ham are topped by an oily and surprisingly tasteless Hollandaise slowly congealing onto average eggs.

A side salad is served instead of potatoes, and it was so dry and flavorless I couldn’t force myself to eat it.

Adding insult to injury, the menu is unjustifiably expensive, even for New York. At $14, Sarabeth’s eggs Benedict are possibly the most expensive reviewed to date—a complete rip-off.

The whole experience made me want to go home and brush my teeth.

Submitted by JHC
August 18, 2001

Visitor Comments

Just thought I would drop a note- I saw your review on MSN Cityguides...

My boyfriend and I went to Sarabeth's last summer and we were both horribly dissapointed. He was so upset about how horrible it was that we went online and wrote a review...something we NEVER do.

It was just nice to see there is someone else intelligent out there...with all the people gushing about how great Sarabeth's is, I thought I might be wrong!

Here is our review... and hope you find great eggs benedict some day soon...we are still looking.

I went here based on a listing of NY's "Best Breakfast" sites. I ordered the almond-crusted french toast and was quite disappointed when it arrived with four half slices covered with what looked like ketchup. The menu had led me to believe that I would be treated to a homemade cranberry-orange sauce. Instead my meal was covered with an artificially flavored sauce. My guest ordered the eggs benedict, described as coming with home fries. The eggs arrived, small in size and only served with a wilting green salad. They were more similar to hard boiled than the expected poached eggs. There were no home fries. To increase our dissatisfaction, we ordered a side of bacon for $4. We were surprised to see only four, tiny and over cooked slices of bacon. At $1 per charbroiled slice, this was certainly a breakfast we could have passed up.

Submitted by Susan, Cesar and Lady
February 4, 2002


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