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The Botanical 21/37

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Poached Eggs
English Muffin


169 Domain Road
South Yarra, Australia
+61 3 9820 7888

The Bot, as Melbournians with long memories remember it, has been through about as many face lifts over the years as it’s clientele. The latest bout of surgery has transformed it from sleazy, over-priced pick-up bar for wealthy divorcees into fancy “be seen” restaurant for wanna-be gourmets. It won the Melbourne Good Food Guide’s restaurant of the year in 2004, wine list of year in 2005, and proudly wears 2 chefs hats.

Indeed, The Botanical ought to be a contender for the “Hair of the Dog Award”, with a breakfast bar that includes: Glass of NV Gosset Champagne; Original Recipe Bloody Mary; Marmalade Breakfast Martini of Chilled Vodka poured over homemade marmalade served with biscotti; and Espresso Martini of Chilled vodka slightly shaken with a measure of espresso coffee, Sweetener and Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur served with a small jug of cream.

It’s also a good spot for breakfast, particularly if you’re in the mood for Eggs Benedict. I won’t bang on too much, but suffice it to say, the poached eggs were very good, the hollandaise excellent, and the muffins properly toasted (why is this so hard?). The absence of spuds, however, drags the total score down.

Submitted by JW
April 10, 2005

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