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The ___ Club 32/37

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Poached Eggs
Grilled Ham
English Muffin
Hash Browns


Somewhere in Midtown
New York, NY

Club rules prevent me from disclosing the name or location of the Club, the name of the member who graciously smuggled me in for lunch, or even the name of the elder statesman sitting at the next table over.

The eggs Benedict, however, are open to full disclose. Served on a 12" dish, two perfectly cooked poached eggs were covered with a technically perfect Hollandaise: lemony, fork-sticking, thick and delicious. Atop the Hollandaise, two ruffled slabs of black truffle.

The grilled ham, muffin, and pressed hash browns were appropriate for the dish, but were simply surpassed by the eggs and Hollandaise.

For starters, Senegalese soup is served hot or chilled; the mingled flavors of butter and onions and curry are so good that, as one member put it, “I’ve never tried the other appetizers.” To finish, a tray of chocolates and wrapped Amaretti di Saronno cookies followed by backgammon and sherry downstairs.

A word of warning: practice up beforehand if you intend to try the flaming-wrapper trick after your amaretti.

Submitted by JHC
August 3, 2002


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