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The Independent 21/37

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Poached Eggs
Canadian Bacon
English Muffin
Home Fries


179 West Broadway
(at Leonard St)
New York, NY

It took a little prodding, but the waitress agreed to ask the chef to make a special plate for me: one Classic Eggs Benedict, one Avocado Eggs Benedict on the same plate.

Served with hash browns and a little dish of diced melon and pineapple, both versions were good but not excellent. The Classic came with one thin slice of Canadian bacon—tasty but not enough. The other version, with avocado slices instead of meat, was interesting but a bit of a stretch. In both cases, the Hollandaise had an almost perfect texture, but had too much lemon.

The last time I checked, their web site was down: “the host you searched for is not known.”

Submitted by JHC
September 8, 2001


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