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Toast 28/37

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White Truffle Sauce
Poached Eggs
English Muffin
Home Fries


2046 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, Illinois

Went out to brunch yet again this weekend ... I like having reason to order my favorite meal. The latest was Toast. I also went to Silver Cloud, but their eggs Benedict was served on a bagel which sounded like a lot (in retrospect, it was probably really good) so I opted for an omelette instead.

Toast (the one on Damen, not Webster) is new to Bucktown. It has skylights and lots of windows—a great place to go on a sunny day. Toast has several versions of eggs Benedict available—one with steak, one with crab, and one with prosciutto. I opted for the last due to wanting to keep as traditional as possible for this review. The eggs Benedict came following a very tasty brewed iced tea and was quite colorful with its fresh diced tomatoes and scallions perched atop the eggs. From the bottom up it was done with a perfectly toasted English muffin—toasted enough to get slightly soggy but not turn to mush. The prosciutto was quite thick and there was a lot of it. It was fabulous. The eggs were done perfectly, and the the sauce was wonderfully light and flavorful.

Technically, I think it was a white truffle sauce instead of true Hollandaise. Either way, it was fantastic, light in flavor and smooth in texture. I was quite pleased with my breakfast. It also came with pretty darn tasty home fries.

Submitted by KLQ
July 13, 2002


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