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Trotters Cafe 18/37

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Poached Eggs
English Muffin
Hash Browns


400 Lygon Street
Carlton, Australia
+61 3 9347 5657

Opinions on Trotters seem divided. A recent Qantas magazine article rated it best fry-up in Melbourne. The 2005 Cheap Eats, however, doesn’t even give it an egg cup ... its mark of an excellent breakfast. I think Cheap Eats is being harsh, and Qantas is on drugs. tasting notes in hand, I decided to give the eggs Benedict a try, and although it was a fair effort, it was nothing to write home about. The poached eggs were slightly overdone, the muffins slightly underdone, and the whole thing drowning in hollandaise, which nonetheless tasted very good. The home-made hash browns looked a bit like a pair of golden Chicken McNuggets, but tasted much better.

Submitted by JW
March 12, 2005

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