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Upstairs at the Pudding 7/37

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Poached Eggs
Ham or Bacon
English Muffin


10 Holyoke St
(Between Mass Ave & Mt. Auburn St, above the Hasty Pudding Club)
Boston, MA

The worst part was the water—whoever scooped the eggs out managed to dump about two tablespoons of hot water onto the plate, because the muffins were sopping wet on arrival.

The eggs themselves were nearly hard-boiled, the hollandaise was uninspired, and the tough, stringy meat was of undeterminate type: ham or canadian bacon? There were no potatoes—a lone sprig of parsley was the only garnish.

By far the worst I’ve ever had. Even Bob Evans was better, and saying it’s worse than Bob Evans is a major insult.

Submitted by JGC
March 18, 2001


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