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Angus Steak House 24/30

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Meat quality
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35 Albert St
Auckland, New Zealand

The biggest steak I’ve ever been served—or rather, the biggest steak I’ve ever selected. On entry to the steakhouse you are given a metal platter and pointed toward a wall of steaks, chicken cutlets, ham rounds, lamb chops, and venison. Once you’ve speared the steak you want, you head over to the chef stationed at the open grill. A short conversation later (options are peppercorns or garlic powder, or both), and the meat cooks while you try not to ruin your appetite at the ample salad bar.

There is no sauce other than the juice of the steak mixing with the cracked pepper.

Delicious—the best steaks in Auckland (and under $15 each).

Submitted by JHC
December 15, 2000
Day 5 of a trip through New Zealand.


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