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Le Charlot 22/30

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Meat quality
Meat preparation


19 E 69th St
(between Madison & Park)
New York, NY

Le Charlot works best in the afternoon after the lunch celebrities have left, and before the want-to-be celebrities have arrived, allowing for lazy hours of romancing and drinking chilled Brouilly. You will not find graduates of the acclaimed New York French Accent School working here, but rather the Frenchies themselves who, in the afternoon, can be studied drinking, smoking, and playing cards. The only thing missing is a good game of boule.

The steak au poivre is nearly perfect for the venue. The cut was decent, and the preparation is precise. The sauce is excellent, with just the right amount of pepper and smoothness. Also, there is enough to satisfy the steak while using the surplus to soak the ample supply of fries, which are the thin crispy type. The only discordant note in the arrangement is the tasty yet suspiciously healthy grouping of roasted vegetables.

For dessert try the chocolate cake. It may not be the best thing to follow a steak au poivre, but after eight hours of drinking Brouilly it hits the spot. As an added bonus, Valentine now spends part of the week here, reducing the need to frequent Bilboquet.

Girlfriends have come and gone, but Le Charlot remains.

Submitted by DO Jr.
November 3, 2001

p.s.  Don’t believe Citysearch — it’s Le Charlot, not Le Charlog.


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