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Opera Bay 8/30

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Meat quality
Meat preparation


Ceclia Grierson 225
Puerto Moderno
Buenos Aires
Tel: 4315 8666

Dinner in Argentina usually starts around 10:30 with nightclubs opening around 1:00. This can be a bit much for the work crowd, so Opera Bay has a special Wednesday evening 8:00 happy hour, tie required. It turned out it had a restaurant too, so we thought we’d test it out.

For each course, there was a choice of two options. Fortunately, one of the options was steak. Unfortunately, the meat was tough as the calamari that had preceded it and had a pronounced and unpleasant charcoally taste. The sauce was only one step above school cafeteria quality, and the vegetables looked like they were what hadn’t sold at the market. The preparation was pretty good, and the service was friendly, a pleasant surprise for a nightclub.

If you want to go writhe with thousands of Argentine yuppies, Opera Bay is the venue of choice. But have your steak before you go, or after.

Submitted by DO Jr.
October 19, 2005


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