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Thom 18/37

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Yellow Sauce
Poached Eggs
English Muffin


60 Thompson St
New York, NY

I always enjoy invitations down to SoHo, unsure whether my own coolness factor is sufficient to warrant solo trips. So I leapt at the chance to check out the new and improved Thom with friends who, having become irreparably married, are soon retreating to the Upper East Side. However, since the other guests assured me that Uptown is the new Downtown, I was unsure whether I should remain uptown to rise as a boat with the tide or whether, soon to be out of my depth, I should preemptively move downtown. Brunch quickly erased my doubts, as obviously style is still looking for his cookbook.

The ambience of Thom was quite nice, as it consisted of open spaces with no people. In fact, we spent quite a bit of time enjoying the interior design as brunch took an hour to prepare. One wonders what the wait would have been had it been crowded. We did enjoy nice mini-muffins and cake that were brought to mollify us. In addition, the bloody Mary and orange juice were excellent. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the main course. The English muffins were nice but covered with tough, triangular shaped pieces of ham. The hash-browns were delicious, but the eggs were undercooked and lightly covered in a sauce based on something yellow. We asked for more Hollandaise and instead were greeted with a little square dish containing more of the yellow substance. Intrigued, we have our best scientists trying to figure out what it was.

The review of Thom on NewYorkMetro claims: “Thom finally has the look, and it has the dishes. Now it craves more customers.” Well, attention should focus on what goes on the dishes. Having them is not enough. As for customers, the only saving grace of the experience was pleasant conversation, made possible by the lack of other patrons. No Félix-on-a-Sunday-afternoon is this, which was lucky for the chef. And the waiter. Although we were the only people there, he was still trying to figure out the bill when we left.

Submitted by DO Jr.
November 10, 2002


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