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Hot Stones Steak & Seafood Restaurant 15/30

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Meat quality
Meat preparation
French Fries


53 , Boat Quay
Singapore 04
(65) 6534 5188  

Having lived in France for several months, enjoying Steak au Poivre whenever the spirit moved, it was a rude awakening to arrive in Singapore where “Pepper Steak” brings on a whole new meaning. At we don’t have a stir-fry category, removing most meals from serious analysis. It was with that lower standard that I approached “Hot Stones,” the favorite way to have meat that is more than a millimeter thick. The steak comes raw on a searing hot slab. That’s the theory anyway. By the time it gets to you, it’s nearly half cooked, so you have to flip it almost immediately. This assumes that you like your steak rare, and if you don’t, why have steak in the first place?

Next to the sizzling hot stone are three sauces, one of which is peppery. The first taste reveals that the chef spent the same amount of time preparing the sauce as he did cooking your steak. But after six weeks in Singapore, there are no complaints to be heard, and the fries are delicious. The wine is overpriced, but they have some, and the outside seating on the quay is relaxing. To complete the experience, ask for a side of scallops to cook with your steak. Wash it all down with a Bank Breaker, the drink named after Nick Leeson, and wander around the corner to IndoChine, where they love you to stay long time.

Submitted by DO Jr.
February, 2005


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