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Steak au Poivre

I am a great eater of beef, and I believe that does harm to my wit.

— Twelfth Night

Steak has always carried with it a touch of risk. Pepper was once used to mask the taste of questionable meat; now it serves to enhance even the best cuts.

Today, despite the advance of hoof and mouth disease, despite the slew of bovine acronymns poised to cross the Atlantic, despite the international flight attendants asking “chicken or American beef?” with a knowing look, we still appear to have a thin window of opportunity to enjoy our steaks. lunges at that opportunity. Steak au poivre is more than a steak cooked just right. It is a smooth and skillful flow of flame, steak, flame, sauce—beginning and ending in a single skillet. documents and quantifies the ongoing search for the best steak au poivre. Because, well, someone has to—wit be damned.

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