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The 7-point scale for steak au poivre

An example score card is shown at right—each component of the steak au poivre is scored on a 7-point scale:

7 – Sublime
6 – Delicious
5 – Very Good
4 – Good
3 – Disappointing
2 – Poor
1 – Unacceptable

So, a score of 4 for a pepper sauce indicates both an acceptably good flavor, and an acceptable quantity (not too much, not too little).

Two extra points may be added or deducted for garnishes and side dishes, for a maximum combined score of 30 points. This combined score is shown in red.

Despite this mathematical precision, scores are a work in progress. Scores may be an average of multiple reviewers, or may be an average of multiple visits to a restaurant. A score of 7 must generally be confirmed by at least two reviewers.

Note that potatoes of some form are considered an essential component of steak au poivre, and in most cases the score card will reflect the type of potato being served (usually frites or thin french fries, but occasionally roasted potato wedges or a baked potato). If no potatoes are served, the score card for that component will not be marked (a score of 0).


The blank wallet-size score cards used by contributors can be downloaded in PDF format. Although does not solicit reviews, in some cases new contributors may be considered: contact

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