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Milión 14/30

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Paraná 1048
Buenos Aires

Located in an old family mansion, Milión has a “cool” ambience reminiscent of an extra-exclusive night-club in London or New York. Not being a fan of such places, and the attitude they invariably exude, with full service available to movie strumpets only, I switched into aggressive mode as I walked in the door. Sure enough, getting a table and attracting the attention of the waiter turned into a challenge. I finally had to launch across the room and use some strong words to procure a menu. But somehow the pattern wasn’t right. Instead of pushing back to suggest how lucky I was to be allowed in the joint, the waiter was apologetic and gave a friendly smile. I suddenly realized that I had misinterpreted as attitude the lousy service so prevalent in Argentina, which stems from general inattention as opposed to ill will. Feeling like a bit of a jerk, I switched back into enjoyment mode to await the delivery of my steak.

The food did not match up to the standards set by the rest of city, but as general bar food goes, it was pretty good. A nice, thick cut of meat, if a little dry, came with some lettuce on top surrounded by “patas picante,” basically potato cubes mixed with a spicy tomato salsa—which was too bad because the potatoes would have been better on their own. The wine was decent though non-descript. There were lots of little artsy decorations, including a large pornographic picture in the bar, and the people watching was excellent.

Milión would not be on the top of my list for a good steak, but it’s where you want to be to see the of Buenos Aires younger smart set at play. Skip the steak, and enjoy martinis and tapas at the bar instead.

Submitted by DO Jr.
November 25, 2005


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