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Rio Alba 23/30

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Cerviño 4499
Buenos Aires

A local friend invited me to a place that he and two local reviewers called the best asado in Buenos Aires, so there was no question I had to go. I had just returned from Mendoza, and the amazing asado I had there would be a tough act to follow.

Dinner, per usual in Argentina, started at nearly 11, and since I had missed lunch, my host ordered the entire tenderloin. A thick piece of juicy steak arrived sizzling hot on a platter, whereupon the waiter sliced it up for us. Not only was the meat excellent, but it was perfectly cooked, with the pieces in the middle nice and rare, and the pieces on the end well done, giving each his choice. The wine was decent, the salad sparklingly fresh as usual, and the fries were good.

In our reviews we look for quality in the meal, and while ambience doesn’t directly affect the scores, it can play a part in the overall enjoyment. A great steak on a triangular, pastel-colored plate on a Formica table with metal chairs under neon lights and rock music playing simply won’t taste as good. The meal at Rio Alba was not only good, but it was done in perfect Argentine style: the restaurant décor was not refined or particularly nice, but real. The crowd were locals: no tourists here. The waiters were friendly and efficient—they were professionals who knew their job, and enjoyed doing it. As for us, we played our part with relish.

Rio Albe is located near the U.S. Embassy, so if you’re seeking refuge or fleeing the country, stop off here for a steak first.

Submitted by DO Jr.
November 18, 2005


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