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New York 19 reviews

Score Restaurant
25 The River Club
It’s good to be the king
23 Provence
22 Le Charlot
Oui, oui
22 Lucky Strike
A long-time benchmark
21 Florent
No comment
21 Les Deux Gamins
Tough meat, but perfectly cooked
19 Les Halles
Hopefully hoof and mouth disease isn’t spread by kissing cows
18 Club Macanudo
Posh Spice
18 L’Express
Il y a une grève des vaches?
18 The Odeon
Home of the Cosmopolitan
18 Raoul’s
17 Demarchelier
Some assembly required
17 Jardin Bistro
Creamed steak?
17 Thom
Capacity: xxxx persons
16 Bar Six
16 La Dolce Vita
The city has no time today
13 Le Bilboquet
Ask for Valentine
11 Casimir
Couldn’t wait to get out of there
9 Velvet
When the waiter asks if you want ketchup, that’s a bad sign

Score based on a total of 30 points.

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