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Score Restaurant
26 Auberge de l’Abbaye—Beaumont-en-Auge, France
Off to the races
26 Le Coq Bleu—Buenos Aires, Argentina
The waiters blew my cover
26 Naust—Reykjavik, Iceland
You’re a brave man
26 Rancho e Cuero—Tupungato
In the foothills of the Andes
25 Hotel Stern—Chur, Switzerland
You want Béarnaise where?
25 The River Club—New York
It’s good to be the king
24 Angus Steak House—Auckland, New Zealand
The cabbie was right
23 The Courtyard—Beijing, China
Money? Sex? No, steak.
23 Les Philosophes—Paris, France
Nice rump
23 Provence—New York
23 Rio Alba—Buenos Aires, Argentina
It’s almost as good to be the ambassador
23 Three Mountain Inn—Jamaica, VT
Huntin’ bar
23 Thrír Frakkar hjá Úlfari—Reykjavík, Iceland
Whale sushi
22 Le Charlot—New York
Oui, oui
22 Divan 2—Copenhagen, Denmark
Some kind of Nordic Benihana?
22 Lucky Strike—New York
A long-time benchmark
21 Florent—New York
No comment
21 Les Deux Gamins—New York
Tough meat, but perfectly cooked
20 Pura Sangre—Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nada más que todo un hombre
20 Sebastopol—Copenhagen, Denmark
It set the right tone
19 Fjörukráin—Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Horse au poivre
19 Hótel Geysir—Haukadalur, Iceland
Iced out in
19 Les Halles—New York
Hopefully hoof and mouth disease isn’t spread by kissing cows
18 Club Macanudo—New York
Posh Spice
18 Det lille Apotek—Copenhagen, Denmark
Since 1720
18 L’Express—New York
Il y a une grève des vaches?
18 El Obrero—Buenos Aires, Argentina
18 The Odeon—New York
Home of the Cosmopolitan
18 Raoul’s—New York
17 Le Café de Commerce—Il de Ré, France
Book ahead in August
17 Demarchelier—New York
Some assembly required
17 Jardin Bistro—New York
Creamed steak?
17 Thom—New York
Capacity: xxxx persons
16 Bar Six—New York
16 La Dolce Vita—New York
The city has no time today
15 Cabaña Las Lilas—Buenos Aires, Argentina
Under-promise, under-deliver
15 Hot Stones Steak & Seafood Restaurant—Singapore
After six weeks in Singapore, no complaints.
15 Lomo—Buenos Aires, Argentina
Redundant, disappointing
14 Milión —Buenos Aires, Argentina
Look, but don’t eat
13 Bistrot Zinc—Chicago, IL
No diacriticals
13 Le Bilboquet—New York
Ask for Valentine
11 Casimir—New York
Couldn’t wait to get out of there
9 Velvet—New York
When the waiter asks if you want ketchup, that’s a bad sign
9 Le Prégrille—Paris, France
Comment dit on, “gravy”?
8 Opera Bay—Buenos Aires, Argentina
Eat before you go

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