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Det lille Apotek 18/30

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Meat quality
Meat preparation
Baked Potato


Store Kannikestræde 15
Copenhagen, Denmark
33 12 56 06

Det lille Apotek (the little chemist) is the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen, dating to 1720, and claiming such former patrons as Søren Kierkegaard, Peter Faber, and Hans Christian Andersen.

The steak is described on the menu as: “200 gram beef tenderloin from the grill flambéed in the kitchen, peppersauce with real Madagascar pepper baked potato and vegetables.”

The steak was strange, almost boiled, and the green pepper purée gave an intense pepper flavor. The baked potato was perfectly cooked, served with a very nice sour cream, tabasco, and herb sauce. The vegetables included lettuce, a pear half, and red currants.

The Chateau des Annereaux Lalande de Pomerol ’94 was well matched, and very cheap.

Submitted by JHC & SGR
July 10, 2001


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