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Divan 2 22/30

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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Bastille Day, Tivoli Gardens.

Whether by design or by choice, I wound up ordering the two items on the menu with the highest occurence of “and” and “with” in the description. The steak was inclusively titled “Flambéed pepper steak of tenderloin of Danish prime beef with oyster mushrooms baked with lovage and served with French fries and Madagascar pepper sauce,” and the decription of my relatively simple dessert crêpes had 2 withs and 3 ands.

The meal began with small cuts of tenderloin lamb rolled in a mixture of garlic and parsely and parmesan. Before long the waiter reappeared with a tray of ingredients and announced “I am about to cook your steak,” before proceeding to do just that over a burner at the next table. The final flambé in Remy Martin created an impressive 3-foot flame, and after some additional mushroom and sauce assembly the waiter finished by hand-spooning a few fries onto the side of my plate.

A fairly elaborate display for what is generally a fairly laid-back country, but the steak and fries were quite good. The sauce was thick and almost over-rich, but the oyster mushrooms were delicious, as was the Château Haut-Bages Libéral ’96 Pauillac.

The green-on-green-on-yellow decor with woodland-scene needlepoint gave the restaurant a strange country-club look, but we did have good seats for Tivoli's midnight fireworks.

Submitted by JHC & SGR
July 14, 2001


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