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Fjörukráin 19/30

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Strandgata 55
Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
+354 565 12 13  

The seaside town of Hafnarfjörður is tagged on the tourist map as “It’s the [sic] more fun to visit than to pronounce it.”

We stopped at this viking restaurant on the way back from the Blue Lagoon. Clearly designed to pull in tourists during the summer months, the friendly but slightly tacky restaurant was completely abandoned in the off-season.

We began with the Viking Starter: herring, salmon, rotted shark and cured lamb served with smoky brennivín.

Afterwards, fried foal tenderloin (yes, baby horse) with mushrooms in a pepper-tarragon sauce, and guillemot, a seabird that tastes something like chicken liver.

For an additional charge, employees dressed as vikings will hijack the tour bus of a large group, and force people into the restaurant at sword-point. Our waiter explained “it's hardest with Japanese tourists, since they don’t really understand what is happening.”

Submitted by JHC
January 14, 2003


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