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The River Club 25/30

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447 East 52nd Street
New York, NY

The Knickerbocker Club was closed, so we wound up at the the River Club.

Kissinger used to live at this private social and athletic club, which neatly fills the first 5 floors of the River House. Despite no longer having a river (the construction of the FDR put an end to the yacht landing), the building is said to contain some of the nicest apartments in the city.

The steak itself was covered with so much cracked pepper that it stuck in my teeth. The waiter came around from time to time with a big pitcher of au poivre sauce, and poured it over everything.

On the side, modern, squeaky-clean veggies with delicious little broiled tomatoes and haricots verts. Everything was perfectly cooked.

The service was unbelievably good, and for dessert I had an ice cream sundae. I felt like a king.

Submitted by RB
October 15, 2002


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