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Casimir 11/30

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Meat quality
Meat preparation


103-105 Avenue B
(between 6th & 7th)
New York, NY

The steak au poivre at Casimir is really just steak frites with a metal creamer of pepper sauce for an additional $2 on the side.

And, we would have paid an extra $20 for some decent service: comments from the table included “there’s an air of strong effort here,” “the manager’s sitting at the bar having a cigarette while we’re asking five times to get a glass of water,” and “I think he meant to pour that coffee on my back.”

The steak was one of the worst steaks reviewed so far, sinewy and mealy with an extra-thick padding of fat to add injury to insult. The preparation was laughable, the fries were mushy, and the sauce had no substance (tasted more like some strange cream-of-green-peppercorn soup).

Other dished on the menu seemed fine, including a very good halibut niçoise. Avoid the steak and the weekend rush, and you might enjoy yourself ... we couldn’t wait to leave.

Submitted by JHC & SGR
August 4, 2001


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