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Club Macanudo 18/30

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Meat quality
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26 East 63rd St
New York, NY

Now, generally I avoid going out in Midtown, but after a few Kremlyovskaya (“It’s vodka phenomenon”) at the Russian Vodka Room with former co-workers from a failed startup, we wound up across town at Club Macanudo for dinner.

To begin with, their Single Malt Scoth [sic] menu was underwhelming, so I went with a nice Chateau Souverain Cabernet.

The pricey menu includes a peppercorn crusted filet with mushroom ragu, red wine sauce, and Ratan potatoes. I wasn’t really in the mood for it, but I couldn’t pass up the chance for another review.

The mushrooms were delicious. The filet was a nice cut, well prepared, but the red wine sauce was sweet, heavy, and oppressive. The peppercorns were present but uneven, and fought with the sauce. The potatoes were good but not quite right—a little too al dente perhaps.

After the meal, a Fonseca Tawny port and a Macanudo Duke of Devon cigar. A lightweight compared to the rich cigars of my co-conspirators, but then I’m not a regular.

Submitted by JHC
September 26, 2001


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