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Raoul’s 18/30

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Meat quality
Meat preparation


180 Prince St
New York, NY

Pepper dominates the presentation at Raoul’s—the steak was topped with cracked peppercorns, and the sauce had almost no other flavor. In some ways it was too much of good thing, and completely lacked subtlety.

The cut of meat was great, about 3/4 inch thick, but I would have enjoyed it more if they had cooked it correctly—I ordered a medium steak, but the one that arrived was extra rare.

The side salad of watercress was an interesting touch, but the french fries were white and mushy, and not at all crisp. In another context they might have passed for McDonald’s fries. I skipped most of them in favor of the good table bread with softened butter.

Not usually a fan of half-bottles, but the half of Chateau Cap de Merle, Lussac-Saint-Emilion 1998 was just fine.

Even the chevre on our dessert plates had been rolled in peppercorns.

The restaurant itself was pleasant, but the music didn’t fit the place.

Submitted by JHC
April 4, 2001


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