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Thom 17/30

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60 Thompson St
New York, NY

Thom is the ground-floor restaurant at the recently-opened 60 Thompson hotel, where “style has a new address.”

Unfortunately, style forgot to unpack his cookbook after the move. Thom (Thai for “broth” as in thom kar gai), though certainly trendy, is a largely unsuccessful attempt at asian fusion.

Which should not be a surprise—the restaurateurs behind Thom have a long track record of similarly asiannoying restaurants: Indochine, Republic, and Bond St., all of which have some good dishes, but none of which succeed at a unified menu.

Thom serves a pan broiled filet of beef over a potato pancake with points of cabernet-braised short ribs and fresh wasabi. Which sounds good, but the combination proves that asian fusion is hard to do: the filet and potato pancake were quite good, but they were ruined by a sweet brown sticky sauce that covered everything.

The restaurant is nicely decorated in dark wood, greens, and blondes. Yes, blondes—the crowd is definitely there to be seen. The typo on Thom’s incomplete website, “Capacity: xxxx persons” is perhaps more fitting than they realize.

Submitted by JHC
September 22, 2001


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